About me

I am a Finnish mathematician interested in engineering. Read about my life, or jump straight to my professional records in the subsections below. Also, check out my blog.

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I graduated in 2009 from Munkkiniemi high ...
...the process toward a free and honest world. (Pardon me for the cliches.)

Figure 1: Me in my beloved home town Helsinki in the middle of the summer (well, technically I am in Espoo, Otaniemi – and it is a snowy and shiny day in February, frozen sea seen in the background)
Image me1

I am keeping up a monthly blog that you can find in the blog posts section. It handles stuff encountered in my daily professional life (and I keep the right to write about other subjects). I hope you will find it interesting.

Btw, In the free time I love music, literature, long walks listening to podcasts, coffee and beer.